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MELAG Careclave – How a revolution changes the game!

Can you hear the wind of change? A revolution has just begun. With Careclave, MELAG has developed the first 4-in-1 Solution for instrument reprocessing in dental practices and clinics. We summarize all the benefits and tell you why you will love Careclave!

The hygiene workflow in Germany will never be the same again. More than 500 dental practices and clinics have already implemented the workflow of the future and are enthusiastic about it. Why? MELAG combines standard compliant decontamination and oil care of dental hollow body instruments with a high-performance autoclave in just one device.

1. Cleaning & disinfection of hollow dental instruments.

With the Carebox, Careclave guarantees the best cleaning and disinfection results of up to eight transmission instruments, prophylaxis handpieces or ultrasonic scaler-tips. Reprocessing, including oil care and drying, takes only 16 to 18 minutes.

2. Oil care of dental handpieces including chuck care

The Carebox also takes care of the transmission instruments - gently and quickly. To ensure that the important chuck care is not forgotten it is performed manually at the end of the program directly on the ADDcare Station.

3. Sterilization of all instruments in Careclave

Careclave is also a modern class B autoclave. The unit sterilizes up to eleven kilograms of instruments on up to eight trays in a particularly short time. Depending on the load, a sterilization cycle takes only 13 to 22 minutes plus drying thanks to the patented double-jacket technology. Alternatively, the variable chamber concept allows instruments to be reprocessed and cared in the Carebox with simultaneous sterilization of other wrapped instruments on trays in just one cycle.

4. Digital documentation & approval

Bye Bye paper mountains! With ProControl, you can provide an error-free instrument reprocessing quickly, reliably and paperless. This is because documentation and approval can be carried out directly on the Careclave display without any extra software. The log files are stored on the MELAG USB stick or via network connection - for complete traceability and restful nights without worries!

So it comes as no surprise that Careclave has already conquered the hearts of over 500 dental practices and clinics. The conclusion is unanimous: The 4-in-1 Solution spreads joy, protects instruments and reduces running costs.

The manufacturer's promise is comprehensive: maximum safety, optimum protection and care of handpieces and contra-angle handpieces, 45% less space consumption and substantial cost savings. But can Careclave meet these expectations in practice? According to Dr. Thorsten Wilde, the answer is clearly YES.

Do you also want to join the revolution?


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