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Overall Experience:

- How's everything going with our products and services at your practice?


We all really like the Planmeca chairs and would be looking to replace the oldest chair on site now with another one. We really like the newly installed Mocom autoclave; it’s very user friendly.

Having a maintenance contact has really helped the Practice out; once the contract is up for renewal it would be interesting to see how much money we would have spent on call out charges if we hadn’t had the maintenance contract in place.

Product/service Impact

- What changes have you noticed in your practice since you started using our products/services?

Nothing gets missed!  Service reminders are sent which are great and Emma will always follow these up to get booked in. This makes my job easier.

3. Customer Service

- How do you find our support team? Any standout moments?

We think Richard and Rupert have been brilliant.  Richard will always come up to my office and explain what he found/what has been done. They both take the time to explain things.  I know when I call I will get a great service. Emma will prioritise work and if we need a an urgent call out she will make it happen.  Veronika is always pleasant on the phone if Emma isn’t around.

With Liz’s chair, it took a few visits  to diagnose the issue but the diagnostic process is brilliant as we know you wouldn’t just fit the most expensive part; you worked your way through methodically as to what the issue could be.


- Would you suggest our services to another Dental Practice? What would you tell them?

AG Dental are professional, always happy to help and offer a great service


 Looking Ahead

- Do you see us being a part of your future plans? Why?

Unless there were any drastic changes we will be staying with AG Dental


- Any tweaks or additions you'd like to see in our offerings?

I really can say there isn’t anything that needs improving

Grants House Dentistry

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