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Planmeca FIT with Emerald and PlanMill40s


The Planmeca FIT® solution offers dentists a completely integrated and digital workflow with three simple steps – ultra-fast intraoral scanning, sophisticated design and high-precision chairside milling. All this is seamlessly integrated into Planmeca Romexis® software, so all 2D and 3D patient data is accessed through the same user interface. For the first time, one software suite is used for both X-ray imaging and CAD/CAM work.


Planmeca is proud to introduce Planmeca PlanScan® – the world’s first dental unit integrated intraoral scanner. This unique integration guarantees a smooth workflow, as real-time scanning data is now immediately available from your chairside tablet.


Smooth and effortless workflow lets you concentrate on your patient.  Constant access to real-time scanning data.  Hands-free operation with wireless foot control
Plug-and-play scanner with sound guidance
Can be upgraded to any Planmeca dental unit.

Can be shared between different operatories
Intelligent Planmeca Romexis® software licensing – different work phases (scan, design and manufacture) can be performed simultaneously by different users

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