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Allister Griffin, Managing Director at AG Dental Receives BCAS Award

Allister, MD of AG Dental collected the award to honour his 10 year membership of the British Compressed Air Society. BCAS provide AG Dental with pressure systems training and technical support enabling us to ensure testing and compliance work for compressors and autoclaves results.

Allister was then privileged to be taken on the last ever factory tour of the F-type production line. 25 cars per day come off this line and are shipped all over the world. Production ends in May and they’re producing just 150 of the limited edition F-type model of which only 10 are staying in the UK. Unfortunately Allister didn't get to take one home with him!

BCAS are working to update and improve their compressed air in dental practices documents and guidance and will be working with us to ensure wider guidance and regulation is correctly applied to the dental sector. Through our membership we can also offer excellent training and guidance to our customers through BCAS which can form part of staff CPD and help with a better understanding of both why and how we do what we do. Thanks to BCAS for their ongoing support and if you'd like to get in touch with us about how this knowledge translates into supporting your Dental Practice please drop us an email: or call us on 0800 023 6100.

For more information regarding BCAS please visit their website here:


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