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MELAG MELAtherm 10 - High performance washer disinfector with active drying

The innovative concept of the MELAtherm 10 washer disinfector guarantees the fast, safe

and cost-efficient cleaning and disinfection of instruments. The practice-optimized

treatment chamber makes for short operating times, low consumption and brings an

optimal cleaning outcome. A wide range of over 80 baskets and accessories is available

to ensure optimal adaptation to your practice needs. The MELAG basis basket with

injector rail used in conjunction with specialized adapters even permits the reliable

reprocessing of hollow body instruments, such as turbines or endoscopes.



Discover the highlights of the MELAtherm 10 washer disinfector – all features provided at no

extra cost:

  • Active drying: active exterior and interior drying prevents recontamination, corrosionand damage to the instruments.

  • Integrated process agents and metering module: integration of the process agents and the dosing unit saves space, facilitates the decontamination processes and helps to avoid errors.

  • Integrated documentation: the log files are saved securely via the integrated CF card slot or the two network interfaces.

  • Practice-optimized treatment chamber: the optimized chamber concept used in combination with an individual loading configuration ensures both cost- and time-efficient reprocessing procedures.

The optional water treatment unit MELAdem 53 supplies MELAtherm 10 with demineralized

water. The demineralized water ensures even better cleaning results and instrument


Take the decontamination process to a whole new level with MELAtherm 10. Using the

MELAstore-System guarantees safe and cost-efficient instrument reprocessing. The wash-trays

(MELAstore-Tray) and the sterilization containers (MELAstore-Box) represent the perfect

combination for safe treatment and even greater time savings throughout the entire

decontamination process.

Download PDF • 3.14MB


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