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At the end of their lifetime - Planmeca Dental chairs are recycled, and the aluminium recovered to m

Recycled aluminum only uses 5% of the energy that would be needed to create a comparable amount from new raw materials.

A brand new recyclable Planmeca i5 dental chair costs from just £300.77 per month – the equivalent of about 2 additional appointments per month to breakeven.

  • Planmeca are one of only 2 dental chair manufacturers to have a “floating chair” which enables the compact model to take up a lot less valuable floor space.

  • The Planmeca Compact is the only dental chair to feature a user detachable “balanced arm” interface. A balanced arm means instruments and suction can be easily reached by both dentist and assistant.

  • Scanning equipment and a suction tube cleaning system are fully integrated into the chair – and any problems that do arise can be monitored and diagnosed remotely.

The Planmeca Compact i5 dental chair is one of the smallest one the market, yet it looks great, is comfortable to use and easy to keep clean.

Your patients will love it, CQC will love it, your Nurses will love it and when the time is right - the environment loves it.

planmeca i5 dental chair

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