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As the world has shifted to a more software-centred approach, dentistry has followed suit – leading to expanded possibilities, increased efficiency and improved levels of care.

From televisions to mobile phones and even cars, software has disrupted several industries, as its role has become significantly more important.

Dentistry is no different. With high-tech hardware as a solid foundation to build on, pioneering dental companies have turned to software in an effort to elevate usability to new levels and to make sure users receive extended returns on their investments. The entire experience of working in dentistry is increasingly defined by software.

Users today expect – and deserve – more than ever before. Dental equipment has a long life expectancy, as it is usually used for several years or even for over a decade.This means that equipment users strongly rely on software updates and upgrades to get the latest features, to enjoy optimal diagnostic quality and to ensure patient safety.

We at Planmeca have been leading the charge ever since the late 1990s – first with Planmeca Dimaxis™ and in the 2000s with the Planmeca Romexis® software platform. Our visionary approach foresaw the changing climate in the world of technology and has allowed us to really focus on providing premium usability. We continually introduce new products that work together seamlessly and meet the growing needs of today’s dental professionals.

You could even say that Romexis is the brain behind Planmeca’s equipment. The software offers several key benefits that our competitors cannot match and helps make daily work more efficient and enjoyable for users around the world.

Typically, clinicians need to rely on several completely different software programs for different purposes – they will have one software for panoramic imaging, another one for CBCT imaging and a third one for CAD/CAM dentistry, for example. Switching between different software programs can be inefficient, disrupt the workflow and reduce time for patient care.

Fortunately, unlike competing software programs, Romexis allows working on all imaging and CAD/CAM data in the same software. It also provides a wide array of tools to match all types of specialist needs.

We call Romexis an all-in-one software, because it truly is a singular solution for all needs:

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