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FONA Colibri Turbines – reliable, powerful, quiet


FONA Colibri Turbine

FONA Colibri turbines are taking reliability to the next level. Integrated patented                   AeroDynamic brake system ensures protection of the rotor at the highest speeds hence prolonging its lifetime. Specially designed spray nozzles and high quality ceramic ball bearings reduce the noise. This makes Colibri more pleasant to work with. Lighting allows perfect visibility even in the posterior regions. FONA turbines have an excellent power-to-size ratio.

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FONA Stork Handpiece

Fona Stork Handpiece


Master your prosthetic work with FONA Stork straight handpieces. FONA Stork Advance LUX is equipped with lighting for perfect illumination of your grinding and finishing spot. Thanks to its sure grip finishing and ergonomic design the work is both safe, precise and enjoyable.


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FONA Eagle Contra Handpiece

FONA Eagle Contra HandpieceFONA Eagle contra-angle handpieces are perfectly balanced and anatomically shaped for easy and natural grip. Smooth design together with built-in antire-traction technology is easier to clean and gives extra protecti  on against cross contamination. Biocompatible durable material used in these instruments prevents allergic reactions of patients. Small head in combination with light allows to see clearly the working area. Three transmission versions (6:1, 1:1, 1:5) allow you to work with the speed up to 200,000 rpm.


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